Geography of Poverty

California has the world’s 6th largest economy, just behind the United Kingdom and ahead of France. Yet if the 43 leading economies were ranked on their percentage of children in poverty, California would rank 43rd. How is it possible that we are 6th our of 43 in wealth but 43rd in the number of children living in poverty?  What are we doing to invest in California’s future? Childhood poverty is a strong predictor of  health, education and economic well-being in adulthood.  If we don’t invest more consistently in our children, the adults that will be running our businesses, accessing our health care, and generating the tax base for our essential services when we are elderly will be struggling and need supports themselves.

If you are interested in child poverty in our state, the Public Policy Institute of California has issued this report. Humboldt’s population is unfortunately too small to generate zip code-level data, but the report is still worth the read, and this interactive map is interesting.