Breastfeeding Task Force

The Breastfeeding Task Force of Humboldt County promotes and protects breastfeeding as a norm in our community.  We do this through advocacy, education and support in a culturally sensitive way.”

The Humboldt County Breastfeeding Task Force was re-vitalized in April, 2006. Members include a pediatrician; nurses from private practice, Public Health Branch Maternal Child and Adolescent Health, Public Health, St. Joseph, Redwood Memorial, and Mad River Community hospitals; a registered dietician; midwives; doulas; lactation educators; IBCLCs; representatives from United Indian Health Services, La Leche League, Paso a Paso, WIC, K’ima:w Medical Center, NorthCountry Clinic; interested community members and concerned support agencies.

For more information about the task force contact:

Emily Adams, RN, BSN, Sr. PHN
Maternal Child and Adolescent Health
Department of Health and Human Services-Public Health Branch
Phone#: 707-441-5573
Toll free #: 1-800-698-0843

a photo of 6 Breast Feeding Task Force members