Playgroup Grant Implementation Requirements

Funded playgroups and their fiscal agents will be required, at a minimum, to conform with the following:

Scheduling Expectations

Playgroups will meet at least 40 sessions per year, at least 2 hours per session.

Attendance Requirements

Playgroup grant amounts are dependent on attendance. Playgroups should have a minimum average attendance of at least 5 children to receive a playgroup grant. This expectation is based on the “Birth to Three Best Practices: Playgroups” report issued by First 5 Ventura County in partnership with the Center for the Study of Social Policy.

If in the mid-year report (due Jan. 30), average attendance has been below the required 5 children, then playgroups will be asked to submit sign-in sheets on a monthly basis January thru March. If the playgroup is unable to increase attendance to meet the 5 child minimum, then funding will be terminated. If in the year-end report (due July 30), average child attendance hasn’t met the minimum, funding will cease until attendance is brought up to at least 5 children on average for two months.

Evaluation Data and Reports Submitted on Time

Note: Data collection forms with instructions and Progress Report Guidelines with Sample Reports will be provided by First 5 Humboldt.

  1. Data collected from Family Information Forms
  2. Completed Annual Participant Surveys
  3. Unduplicated Counts of Playgroup Attendees Spreadsheet
  4. Duplicated Counts Spreadsheet
  5. Expenditures Spreadsheet, including what was purchased when and from whom
  6. Interim Progress Reports due on 1/30/19 and 1/30/20
  7. End-of-Year Reports due on 7/30/19 and 7/30/20

Documents Maintained on File by Fiscal Agents and Playgroup

Funded playgroups and their fiscal agents will be required to maintain the following documents on file, in the case of an audit by First 5 Humboldt or its representatives:

  1. Daily playgroup sign-in sheets
  2. Documentation of staff time worked (i.e. time sheets, time cards, invoices)
  3. Purchase receipts (i.e. food, toys, equipment, materials)
  4. Liability Insurance certificates
  5. Fingerprint information of staff
  6. Infant CPR/First Aid certificates of staff

Playgroup Operating Standards to be met

  1. Required Health and Safety Practices
  2. Reporting requirements
  3. Supervisor Checklist Completion

Training Requirements to be met

  1. Playgroup Grant awardees are required to send playgroup leaders to biannual First 5 Humboldt workshops. Supervisors are strongly encouraged to attend as well.
  2. Once awarded a playgroup grant, supervisors are required to attend an orientation meeting on one of the following dates: