FRC, Playgroup and Program Forms

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Evaluation Requirements

What’s Due When for Playgroups

What’s Due When for FRCs and Other Programs


Unduplicated Count File and Instructions

Unduplicated Counts Excel Spreadsheet E-version

       Instructions–Child Program Participants

       Instructions–Parent Program Participant

       Instructions–Other Family Member Program Participant



(Guidelines and Sample Reports, SOWs and Eval Plans)

Interim Report Guidelines

Final Report Guidelines

Sample Report FRC

Sample Report Playgroup

Sample Report Eval Plan FRC

Sample Report Eval Plan Playgroup

Sample Report FRC SOW

Sample Report Playgroup SOW

Sample Report Attachments Hydesville FRC

Sample Report Attachments Hydesville Playgroup


Data Collection Forms and Instructions

Playgroup sign-in sheet bilingual

       Instructions–Completing Playgroup Sign-in Sheet

Direct Service Form

       Instructions–Completing Direct Service Form

Non-IMPACT First Time Attendance Form

Time Study Form

       Instructions–Completing Time Study 

IMPACT-Related Forms

IMPACT Family Information Form (FIF)-English

IMPACT Family Information Form (FIF)-Spanish

IMPACT Attendance and FIF Recert Sign-in Sheet