First 5 Sacramento Adopts Systems Sustainability Plan

First 5 Sacramento has approved a Systems Sustainability Plan. The plan is the first of its kind for Sacramento, and focuses on 3 areas: public awareness and action, policy change and financial resources. The plan offers a roadmap for investing in and creating systems sustainability while looking forward to matching their expenditures to revenue by 2024. Like First 5 Humboldt, they will face up a 30% decrease in expenditures during this process. Unlike First 5 Humboldt, they will expend their reserves completely by 2024.

The plan describes investment in the three systems change areas and lays out plans in each strategic goal area. I feel like First 5 Humboldt could use many of these concepts to further refine our own strategic roadmap. I’m interested in what our Commissioners and staff think of Sacramento’s plan. You can access it here: First 5 Sacramento Systems Sustainability Plan.