Adverse Childhood Experiences in Northern California

As most of you know, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are a significant health risk.

Many professionals and entities in Humboldt County have been talking about the significance of ACEs since the California Center for Youth Wellness (CCYW) released “Hidden Crisis” with county data on ACEs scores. A combined Humboldt and Mendocino County area revealed the highest percentage of adults with 4 or more ACEs in the state.

An effort is underway for a joint county effort in Northern California, and perhaps a state-wide effort, to bring attention and resources to the issue. Nadine Burke Harris of CCYW (and TED talk fame) received funding for work on ACEs. She directed the funding to Children Now, who asked the First 5 Association to bring their expertise. Simultaneously, First 5 Trinity County is working on partnering with the Public Health Institute, and First 5 Humboldt and the 0 to 8 Mental Health Collaborative have been working to promote information on ACEs. Stay tuned for more information on this work.