Healthy Kids Humboldt & Paso a Paso

First 5 Humboldt supports Healthy Kids Humboldt and Paso a Paso in partnership with St. Joseph Health.

Healthy Kids Humboldt is dedicated to finding health insurance for all Humboldt County Doctor listens to child's heartbeat with dad besidechildren aged 0-19, regardless of income or immigration status. They assist families in finding the most affordable health insurance and they refer families to qualifying social programs. To learn more, visit their webpage.

Paso a Paso (Step by Step) is a program of the Community Benefit department of St. Joseph and ¬†Redwood Memorial Hospitals that provides childbirth education, breast-feeding support, parenting classes and support groups. Paso a Paso educates and supports Spanish speaking pregnant woment and their families through classes, home visits, hospital visits and connecting clients with the resources they need. paso a paso professionals¬†All of Paso a Paso’s services are free. Their bilingual staff offer practical and emotional support to the Latino community in a safe environment where feelings, concerns and beliefs can be confidentially shared. To earn more and download a schedule of classes, click here.