Our Impact

First 5 Humboldt engages in on-going evaluation of its funded programs. Program participants are asked to complete surveys annually. The Evaluation Advisory Committee reviews these responses and provides input. The Program Evaluation Team meets annually to review, not only survey data, but qualitative data gathered by Commissioners, Consultants, and staff. Input from community members is also considered, as the Team makes recommendations to the Commission. Those recommendations are reviewed in April and May of each year at the Commission meetings, to which the public is always welcome. Additionally, First 5 Humboldt produces an annual comprehensive evaluation report that includes in its appendices compilations of source data for review, as well as an annual Community Report. Once per year, the Commission hosts an public hearing on our work, where the Strategic Plan and Community Report are reviewed, and public input is received. A review of the public hearing is then on the following month’s Commission Agenda.

First 5 Humboldt strives to not only be transparent but also effective. Our open meeting process and multi-layered advisory and Commission review helps us to identify where we can best match Prop 10 dollars with community work that will be effective in addressing our mission and vision.