Advisory Committees

Our Advisory Committees consist of community volunteers committed to helping First 5 Humboldt stay responsive to our community needs and our Strategic Plan by sharing their expertise, insight and recommendations with the Commission. Committee membership goes before the Commission once per year for approval. Each Committee is chaired by a Commissioner. Click on each Committee title for current meeting dates and members.

Early Childhood Education Committee

This committee provides the commission advise and recommendations on Focus Area 3, the promotion of the optimal development of children with a focus on prevention in partnership with families, caregivers and the community. Specifically, the committee seeks strategies to promote a stable, well-educated workforce, advocates for early childhood education workforce stability, appropriate compensation, and promotes opportunities for the workforce to develop advocacy skills.

Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee is tasked with advising the Commission on the effectiveness of First 5 Humboldt’s work. Working with our Evaluation Consultants, the Committee reviews  our evaluation framework, annual data from program surveys, and provides feedback on how we can be most effective in achieving our Strategic Plan goals.

Fiscal Committee

Our Fiscal Committee advises the Commission on fiscal planning, budgeting, expenditures and fiscal policy, as well as matters related to Focus Area 1 of the Strategic Plan: Fiscal Sustainability.

Parent and Family Support Committee (PFS)

The PFS Committee advises the Commission on matters related to Strategic Plan Focus Area 3: Family, Professional and Community Capacity and Focus Area 4: Health. These community representatives help us look deeper at our funded programs and partnerships, with a focus on building a developmentally, culturally and trauma-responsive workforce and helping our work prioritize prevention and family strengthening principles.

Committees that meet as needed:


The Executive Committee oversees matters that may involve personnel or require timely advice to the Executive Director between Commission meetings. This Committee meets as needed and meetings are noticed at the First 5 Office. Membership of the Executive Committee is limited to First 5 Commissioners and staff. The executive committee is charged to:

  • Be familiar with the by-laws, advise the Commission on amendments to the by-laws and ensure the by-laws are implemented.
  • Advise the Commission and Executive Director on personnnel matters, including employment, evaluation, compensation, and discipline of permanent and contracted Commission employees.
  • Advise the Commission and the Executive Director on informing the public aobu the work of the Commission.
  • Be familiar with the strategic plan, advise the Commission on Strategic Plan Revisions and plan for the annual public hearing on the Strategic Plan
  • Oversee the activity of the Advocacy Subcommittee
  • Be familiar with the Commission approved polices and resolutions, the Memorandum o fUnderstanding betwee Humboldt County and the Children and Families Commission of July 25, 2000, the California Children and Families Act of 1998, and the Ordinance aproved by the Board of Supervisors for the County of Humboldt establishing the Commission.


Sydney Fisher Larson, Commissioner
Susan Buckley, Commissioner
Jessica Callahan, Commissioner
Mary Ann Hansen, First 5 Humboldt Staff
Andrea Sousa, First 5 Humboldt Staff

Program Evaluation Team (PET)

This ad hoc committee convenes each spring to review evaluation data on each funded program and craft recommendations to the Commission on future directions for each partnership.